Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Hello everybody I wish to talk something out of the conventional box. You must be wondering that what this cyberpolis is? I was equally wondering when this idea came into my mind but I also realized that my relation over here with my friend is not superficial. It has bonds. It is not a wild wandering or an animated relation. It is very much real and I am part of it. Yes I am serious about my relation over here with my friends. Nothing is animated over here everything is real. So with all consequences in my mind I am deliberately treading into the unconventional part of your thinking that perhaps it may appeal to you also. So bear with me and I take you into the journey of my dream cyberpolis.

My strong sense of affiliation to 360 community suggest that the relation developed over here needs to be translated into life long relations. As this idea is beginning to descend I am wondering is this the radical change in evolution of our collective thinking. How this is going to transform and what shape it is going to acquire? Through this blog I wish to moot an idea that why not 360 community as Cyber commune meet once in a year. The purpose of having cyber interaction is that it just not remain confined to line but it needs to evolve a shape of vibrant community, which slowly and steadily it is evolving. As the villages, towns, cities and mega polis have come into existence so as this Cyber Community will also. Am I sounding too ambitious? Whatever it may be the Cyber commune surely in times to come will play a dominant role in changing the conventional set up of community. Each comment, each message, each blog, each blast and each conversation is working as catalyst to our growth. Not only I wish but I foresee too that conventional meaning of the community is definitely going to change. It is not that the existing community will obliterate but instead from this the Cyber community is emerging. That’s why seeing its potency Cyber laws, treaties and pacts have been introduced, signed and entered upon. Many more changes are going to come. Is this my wild figment of imagination? Just think over it and you will notice a sea change; the way we are transacting, the way we are formulating our life. Over here we may be minuscule community but surely it is emerging to be as Cyberpolis and 360 will be the one. We are the architect of this community. When we have this sense of affiliation then mark my word the day is not far that what I am mentioning here in will emerge as reality. We may not hear the victim scream, We may not hear the dog barking, we may not be having police patrolling in the borderless environment but Cyber polis will surely have system in place to take care of all this things. Information Technology has initiated a process and it is irreversible. If it is so then why not as initial architect, as Cyberzen (Read in place of citizen) of Cyberpolis we collectively build a consensus to establish the first Cyberpolis. To structure and govern this we have the existing rules and regulations of Yahoo. The modalities can be worked out .My friend lets join in this dream project and I request you all that if you can through your page convey the message to your friends surely we can do. Information Technology is a god send mean to turn fragmented world as one. The universal brotherhood is surely possible and it is not a distant dream. The question arise how do we do it? The answer is we are already doing it; we need to retrofit certain ideas to strengthen this community. When BPO’s are tirelessly and aggressively turning to be vibrant player in converging the entire world as one in terms of business then why not 360 emerge as new Cyber society. Each individual over here is a Cyber activist. Just imagine friend that how the quest for exploration has made the discovery of new land and from that a great nation emerged. That is USA. Everything started with a small step. The way 1 st May is observed as Labor Day why not we can observe Cyber Day. The day is not far when will do this. My friends pass on this message to all your friends. In structuring this Cyberpolis I suggest the following.

Ø To have convention/meet/get together of the of YAHOO 360 community

Ø To have awards and recognition for those members who are excelling in almost all the field.

Ø To have the roll of honor displayed for those members who render meritorious service in various field

Ø To have our own news page

Ø To have obituary column,

Ø To have community counseling center /cell

Ø To have learning center of various field

Ø To have medical data bank accessible to member for medical transcription.

Ø To have early warning messages for various contingencies.

The aforesaid suggestions are few; the members can add many more. Please add on any thing you wish to but be rationale keeping in view the essence of universal brotherhood. Friends are requested that they may send the message across to the friend any way they wish to. They may copy this blog and paste on their page and further as I am doing it right now take the consent of their friends and request them that if they agree then send it to their friend for onward circulation. Such efforts will act as a force multiplier.

I take this opportunity through this blog and request YAHOO that please looks into the suggestions; with their wider vision and technology we can surely make dream space of ours as the first Cyber polis. Let the declaration be made and create a history. Let the sense of belongingness and pride be embedded in us that we are part of great Cyber community. It is an opportunity to extend our views and feelings to distant corners of the world. Let Yahoo 360 community be the first to claim to this world that new Cyberpolis is emerging. Yes loudly and proudly we say we are the member of Yahoo 360.Together we can make a difference.
LET'S RISE ABOVE ALL THE DIFFERENCES..........................AND CREATE A iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiCYBERPOLISiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii